We provide an intensive cleaning service to refresh and fully clean upholstery and soft furnishings in Cheshire and Wrexham & beyond.

Utilising the latest developments in the field of on-location cleaning we are able to clean upholstery safely, thoroughly and professionally, with the utmost care. Our intense, yet gentle cleaning methods are guaranteed against shrinkage, and the removal of damaging dirt and grit will not only restore appearance but also prevent premature ageing of the fibres by abrasion.

The furniture is then pre-vacuumed before any stains are pre-spotted and worked on by hand. i then decides on the most appropriate cleaning system and, once thorough cleaning is complete, any remaining stains are re-worked to improve the result. Upholstery may also be finished with a eco-protect rinse to improve the handle and appearance of the fibres.


Our most recent pictures of work we can do!!     

Prices for cleaning one double seat sofa £60.00

3 seater sofa from £70.00

4 seater sofa from £90.00

3 piece from Sofa £100

single chair £20.00