We recommend using wynnstay oven cleaning. call us for details.

At Wynnstay Cleaning we provide you with the ultimate cleaning service for oven, Range, Aga and Rayburn cookers. We also provide a host of additional cleaning services for freezers, fridges, microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines and extractor units. Whatever the appliance, Wynnstay Cleaning are committed to providing a superior service that provides an in-depth clean of your appliances to return them to showroom condition. Our cleaning approach uses non-caustic and non-toxic products in your kitchen or commercial catering areas.                      

Domestic Gas Ovens cleaning is among the most despised household task, and now there's a cheap, easy way for you to get round it. Call us to get your questions answered and your oven cleaned without getting your hands dirty. We cover all models, types and sizes of ovens, stoves, hobs, ranges, AGAs, with complete oven cleaning packages starting at just £.........


5 Ring Hob 5 Ring Hob   6-8 Ring Hob 6-8 Ring Hob - 
Aga Rayburn 2 Oven Aga Rayburn 2 Oven -    Aga Rayburn 3 Oven Aga Rayburn 3 Oven - now
Aga Rayburn 4 Oven Aga Rayburn 4 Oven -   Combination Microwaves Combination Microwaves - now
Double Oven Oven and grill section -now   Electric Hob Electric Hob -
Extractor Unit including fabric filter Extractor Unit including fabric filter -   Gas Hob Gas Hob -
Grill Pans Grill Pans   Halogon/Ceramic Hob Halogon/Ceramic Hob
Hood Hood - £20   Microwaves Microwaves
Oven Bulbs Oven Bulbs   Range Double Range Double
including hob
Range Double Range One
and a half ovens
Including burners
  Range Single Stainless Steel
Range Single 90cm
Single Oven Single Oven 60cm
(including two racks)